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0000122FromDual Ops Center for MariaDB and MySQL (focmm)Generalpublic2014-05-02 22:24
Reporterabdel-mawla Assigned Tooli  
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PlatformLinuxOSCentosOS Version6.x
Product Version0.2 
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Summary0000122: Merge Start&Stop buttons
DescriptionIn the Replication section under the "Operations" tab, there are six buttons under each slave to control the slave operations:
(Stop Slave,Stop IO Thread, Stop SQL Thread) &
(Start Slave,Start IO Thread, Start SQL Thread)
Three buttons of the above ones should be enabled and the other three should be disabled at the same time.
For ex. if the SQL Thread is stopped, then the "Stop SQL Thread" is disabled while the "Start SQL Thread is enabled" and so on.

I suggest that those six buttons better to be merged into only three buttons and the button label will indicate on which action will be made by clicking on that button.
For ex. if the slave is running fine, the labels of the three buttons should be (Stop Slave, Stop IO Thread and Stop SQL Thread) and after clicking on the "Stop SQL Thread" for ex. the label of this button will be changed to "Start SQL Thread". The same for the other two buttons.

I don't know if that would be better or not for other users, but personally, I like that way of implementation and as a user I prefer dealing with few buttons applications.
BTW, the "Operations" tab for the Replication will be more organized, especially when there are many registered slaves.
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2014-03-05 14:48

reporter   ~0000085

The same Idea would also be applied in other places like (Database -> Choose a database instance -> Operations tab):
- "Start database" and "Stop database".
- "Make read-only" and "Make read-write".


2014-05-02 22:24

developer   ~0000110

the world is not that easy as discussed already with earlier bug reports.
Is partly fixed with the adaption of the wireframes.

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