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0000127FromDual Ops Center for MariaDB and MySQL (focmm)Generalpublic2014-05-02 22:18
Reporterabdel-mawla Assigned Tooli  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformLinuxOSCentosOS Version6.x
Product Version0.1 
Target Version0.2Fixed in Version0.2 
Summary0000127: No errors appear when failing to Start|Stop a database instance (if the used OS user has a problem)
DescriptionA valid and working OS user is required to start or stop the database instance by using the button "Start database" or "Stop database". If the OS user has a problem, no errors will be printed when attempting to start or stop the database instance and the only output message(stopping the instance for ex.) is:
"Stopping node ubuntu.slave2 remote..."
The above message will remain forever unless I clicked on the "Continue" button to go back.
This issue is the same like the bug 0000121 which is a result of the bug 0000116 (not solved yet in my setup).

If an error appeared in this case it would be more precise to know what was wrong.
Steps To Reproduce1- Make the OS user for a database instance is not working by removing the SSH key or provide a not exists user.
2- Click on the "Database" tab at the very top of MOC.
3- Choose the database instance which use the corrupted OS user.
4- Click on the "Operations" tab.
5- If the database instance is already started try to stop it by clicking on the button "Stop database", or if it's already stopped try to start it by clicking on the button "Start database".
6- In both cases no errors will be printed which should mention that there is a problem connecting to the database host or the OS user is not valied or SSH key is not working ... etc
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2014-05-02 22:18

developer   ~0000108

fixed in rev247
Uhhh! This is an ugly one...
We did not check ssh output correctly. Fix is not perfect but should give at least some more advices where problem is located...

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