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0000137bmanGeneralpublic2014-09-24 19:36
Reporterabdel-mawla Assigned Tooli  
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PlatformLinuxOSCentosOS Version6.x
Target Version1.2.0 
Summary0000137: Implementing the use of mysql_config_editor in mysql_bman
DescriptionAlthough msysql_bman has a config option which could be used to store all options in a config file and use it instead of providing them in the command line but the mysql password is not encrypted in this file and could be hacked.
Yes, the password option is hidden when printing the used mysqldump command:

/opt/mysql-5.6.17/bin/mysqldump --user=tmp --host= --port=3306 --master-data=2 --single-transaction --flush-logs --triggers --routines --databases deadlock foodmart generatedata partitions_test sbtest sql_test test zabbix --events
  to Destination: ./bck/daily/bck_schema_2014-04-03_14-59-38.sql
Warning: Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure.

But it could be read very easy by executing the following command during the backup process:

ps auxf|grep mysqldump

Also, all the contents in the config file are being print without encryption:

 mysql_bman --config=test.conf

Configuration from test.conf
  policy = daily
  target = tmp/s3cret@
  type = schema
  schema = -mysql
  policy = daily
  no-compress = on
Configuration from command line options
  config = test.conf
Resulting options
  config = test.conf
  policy = daily
  target = tmp:******@
  type = schema
  schema = -mysql
  no-compress = on
  log = ./mysql_bman.log
  backupdir = ./bck
  mode = logical
Logging to ./mysql_bman.log
Backupdir is ./bck

If mysql_bman could be configured to use mysql_config_editor it would be more secure.
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2014-08-06 21:34

developer   ~0000130

Password is not exposed any more. mysql_config_editor is postponed for later

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