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0000036bmanGeneralpublic2014-10-16 12:30
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Target Version1.2.0 
Summary0000036: implement xtrabackup and lvm backup into mysql_man
Descriptionphysical backup methods should be allowed as well...
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2014-08-06 21:27

developer   ~0000129

Last edited: 2014-08-06 21:30

xtrabackup is implemented in v1.1.0. lvm snapshot postponed to v1.2 or later


2014-10-16 12:30

reporter   ~0000137

It would be nice if other backup methods (beside LVM snapshot) such as rsync, ZFS, ... etc could be included in fromdual_brman.
If that looks interesting then another option might be added let's say "phyical_type" to specify which backup method we want to apply (xtrabackup, enterprise backup, lvm snapshot, ... etc) or make the available values for the option "mode" are mysqldump, xtrabackup, lvm .. etc instead of logical and physical.

If such feature is added to fromdual_brman I think most of the MySQL community will use it and it is not a must for them to know how the internal tools are working, only they need to deal with fromdual_brman and it will do the job for all methods.

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