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0000169FromDual Backup/Recovery Manager (brman)Generalpublic2019-07-25 18:22 Assigned Tooli  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformIndependentOSn.a.OS Versionall
Summary0000169: FromDual Software Download Website seems to be broken
Description* Latest version 1.2.4 is not listed / Last item in dropdown menu is empty
* Some debug(?) iteger output is still activated
Steps To Reproduce
Additional Information      <td>
        5 </td> <--- DEBUG?
      <td>Product version</td>
        <select name="product_version_id" id="product_version_id" onChange="window.location.href='/admin/public/download.php?operation=select&release_series_id=24&operating_system_id=0&platform_id=0&product_type_id=0&distribution_id=0&distribution_version_id=0&user_id=9971&product_id=12&product_version_id=' + this.value;">
<option value="0" selected="selected">Please choose a product version...</option>
<option value="65">1.2.0</option>
<option value="67">1.2.1</option>
<option value="76">1.2.2</option>
<option value="91">1.2.3</option>
<option value="94"></option> <--- Item text missing
        0 </td> <--- DEBUG?
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2017-04-21 08:37

developer   ~0000160

Hello Mister Gerlach

Thank you very much for reporting the issue!

The problem is solved but the bug is not fixed yet (aka workaround). The download displays now correctly again. It must be something in the upload mechanism which will be fixed later...


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